Random Bullet Points On Gay Marriage


  • Someone much smarter than me (I believe it was a gay author) once remarked that straight people don’t have an issue with gay people until they imagine what they do in bed, behind closed doors.
  • I once remarked to a rather homophobic neighbor – upon her pronouncement that “what gays do is disgusting” – that I imagined that “what many of my neighbors do in the privacy of their own homes is disgusting.” I got the oddest look.
  • Marriage is a social construct, a contract basically. An agreement by which men conducted business and transferred property (including women).
  • If you’re going to “live by the Bible” then you’ve got a whole lot more reading to do (and I say that as a practicing Christian).
  • Many (most?… all?) of the arguments against gay marriage are the same (often “Bible based”) arguments once used against blacks and whites marrying.
  • Seems to me that the bigger threats to “traditional” marriage are infidelity and economics.
  • It does seem ironic that one of the most “counter-cultural” segments of our society is now seeking the trappings traditional monogamy. But then they’re using hip hop to sell yogurt (and Cube is making the lamest beer commercials ever) and I’ve even seen my beloved P-Funk shilling mini-vans. America eats its young. 

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A (Very) Short Political Manifesto

I get that many of the GOP/Libertarian stripe are all for personal responsibility and freedom. Hell, I am too.

But I can’t really get behind a party that’s just short of full bore nativistic, while ignoring the fact that many of their own are only 2nd or third generation “natives” (I won’t even go into the smear job foisted on the real natives). Whatsmore they seem to just blow by the fact that without “government intervention” a huge swath of the population would be denied freedoms they so dearly espouse.

Not that the loyal opposition has my undying fealty either. I’m still waiting for someone to make education a real priority. And both parties continue to be willing parties to the monyed classes. Originally posted here: http://snollygoster.tumblr.com/post/30870699593/a-very-short-political-manifesto